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Wellness Blends are characterized by pure Avocado oil, known for its moisturizing qualities and the considerable supply of nutrients. The high qualities of this oil make it the ideal partner for our Blends. These fusions, thanks to the renowned properties of biological and pure essential oils, enriched with Sweet Almond oil, help professionals treat scalp, hair, and skin problems with the utmost care, consistently and with the most reliable of partners: NATURE. Blends are made for effectively accelerating the treatment. Each blend allows you to treat specific problems with a naturally strengthening system with highly beneficial effects. The BLENDS can be used in conjunction with all Organethic Pure Care products – mixed together, or used purely for soft massages or gentle treatments. The ancient tradition of BLEND treatment is used by Organethic Pure Care to meet the needs of modern customers, who are increasingly attentive and aware of the use of effective products with long lasting results over time.

Wellness Treatment products take full advantage of the benefits of the natural active ingredients with the main aim of treating scalp and hair follicles. The variety of active principles, which the essential oils contained in the Blends and in the Shampoos transfer, detoxify the skin by removing external polluting agents, balance the hydrolipid film, increase the natural production of keratin, and stimulate microcirculation. The combined action of these products restore the PH of the scalp and get unprecedented results in the field of natural ingredients.

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